15 Secretly Funny People Working In Darren Goh Boogle Scam

Scammer Alert: Patrick Lee CEO and Darren Goh CTO from Boogle

Scammer Alert: Patrick Lee CEO and Darren Goh CTO from Boogle

The two scammers:

Patrick Lee, CEO at Boogle

Darren Goh, CTO at Boogle

Boogle Scammer Directors Patrick Lee & Darren Goh

Boogle Patrick Lee Scammer Alert

Boogle Scam Mastermind Patrick Lee

Boogle $20 million Ponzi Scam Mastermind Patrick LeePatrick Lee, CEO at Boogle


Boogle Scammer Darren Goh Thank You InvestorsDarren Goh, CTO at Boogle

Latest Information on a project that was left in the ruins. The project is called Boogle, it appears that the co-founders of Boogle, Patrick Patrick Lee Boogle CEO Scam Lee and Darren Goh are either not replying to investors for questioning or coming up with new schemes such as Boogle 2.0 to delay refunds or bring in new unsuspecting victims.

The amount of funds that was lost was more than US$20 million. They failed to pay employee salaries, vendors and investors.

Sources say that Patrick Lee ran away with investors funds and is now uncontactable.

There are claims that he is now in China.

Further research shows website https://www.boogle.io/ and http://boogle.com/ are either in maintenance or shut down.

We encourage the investment community to spread this warning around and to be careful of the respective individuals.

It appears that these two are the masterminds of the Boogle project.